I’ve never done this. I am totally new to this!

That’s exactly what we’re looking for – amateurs – people who haven’t done this before. Whichever videographer works with you will do their best to make you feel at home and instruct you about the best way to proceed through your video shoot audition. Even if you do have some experience doing amateur work, this is for you too. What were not looking for, however, are professionals from the industry.


I live in the middle of nowhere! Don’t never make it out here to do a video shoot!

You’d be surprised. We have many videographers all around the country who we contract with. They also do a good deal of traveling. Submit your information, and will keep it on hand to review it when we plan a trip to your city!


What kind of films/productions do the studios look to hire for?

All kinds! From soft to hard core, every studio is slightly different. Some studios look for models who do both, others specialize. The amateur industry is growing at tremendous rates. Amateurs are in high demand!


Is there money to be made in the adult entertainment industry?

Oh yes! Between traditional movies/films and modern Internet – based ventures, there is a lot of money in this business! The industry continues to grow and hundreds of amateurs are discovered every year.


Are there opportunities in straight videos? Gay videos? Bi videos? Lesbian videos?

Yes! In all of them! The studios very tremendously from one another. There are several studios that also specialize in very alternative types of productions and fetish work. You will have the opportunity to specify your interest when you are contacted.


How long will the video shoot last?

It ranges from person to person. They typically last under an hour once the filming begins. However, due to individual differences in sexual performance, it may vary significantly from person to person.


How does the audition work? What is required of me to do?

The audition is a solo audition see the next question below if you’re interested in partner auditions. For some people, but forming sexually in front of a stranger or an audience tends to be more difficult than it would seem. They’re in exist one of the most major benefits of our service to the studios who are using us – they get to see how you perform! So you will need to perform during your audition. Yes, this means masturbating and working up to a sexual climax. Don’t sweat it though, are videographers always have videos or other materials on hand to help you out. Besides, you’re getting paid to do something that you already enjoyed for free!


Well I audition alone? With someone else?

You will be doing a solo video shoot. However, if you would like a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend to come along to do a shoot with you, please let us know in advance. We do conduct many multiple-person video shoots. We do 2– person and multiple person same – sex (straight bi or gay) video shoot as well as opposite sex (straight bi or gay). If we conduct a multi – person shoot, you will have double the opportunity to stand out to talent seekers! That’s because we extract one video from the shoot that contains mostly shots of just you; and then we have an area for action video shoot auditions where they will be able to view you at work with others. We will also take a few extra minutes of you alone before, during, and after.


Can’t you just provide a partner for me? I rather do this with someone else.

We do not provide partners for auditions. For any adult casting company, you need to provide health exam documentation before doing partner scenes. We do not require this for the audition, therefore we do not provide partners. See the question above if you’re interested in providing your own partner. (FYI – virtually all auditions are solo.)


I am a straight guy, but one of my guy friends wants to do this also. Does that mean we have to do something with each other?

No! A lot of people bring a friend to audition together. You can be totally separate doing your thing. Each will be treated as an individual audition. The nice thing is, you have a friend there, and for many people, it makes things a lot more relaxing. Having said that, if you do want to do something with each other, that is also OK!


I am a straight girl, but one of my girlfriends wants to do this also. Does that mean we have to do something with each other?

See the above explanation.


I want to audition for a bi/gay video only.

That’s fine! The video shoot precedes the same way for everyone, but we will note this so that any talent seekers choose you for only one of these types of films.


Does auditioning guarantee me a job in a film/movie/production?

No. Clips from your video will be added to the database of talent. The database is very frequently viewed by studios. Just because you may not hear anything does not mean that you won’t be contacted several months down the road. If they are interested at any time, you will get an email from us, and us only.


Is my personal information revealed to all studios when they review models?

No. I don’t casting call will notify you via email if there is interest by the studio. No personal information is shared with the studio without your consent first.


Is there a fee that I need to pay if I land a job via I don’t casting call?

No! The studios themselves pay a fee for access to the videos. There is no cost to you!


Who conducts the audition?

We contract with videographers around the country. They do their best to make sure your audition makes you look your best. They will put you at ease and guide you with some helpful tips to make your video as appealing as possible. In most cases they are not professional photographer/videographer is, but they do have experience. Keeping with the theme of “amateur”, we want our videos to be as real as possible. We are committed to providing great talent that is clearly amateur. No pros here. Just real people.


Are there others present when I audition?

Most auditions occur with one videographer present. However, sometimes there is an assistant present. You will find out when the videographer who will be conducting your audition contact you.


What do you do with the video after the shoot is over?

The video is edited to make it look as good as possible and then it is made available to the studios via the website. The studios are not provided with your personal info, that remains confidential. However, we will email you immediately if they are interested in working with you. The website the video appears on for studios to access is completely secure and password protected the only authorize studios are given access to.